This guide is based on version DarkLineage Owen 0.08
Class Str Agi Int Dmg HP MP HP-Reg MP-Reg Casting Speed
Orc 4 2 1 5 - 7 65 15 0.5 0.1 Slow
Dark Elf 1 4 2 5 - 7 15 35 0.2 0.25 Slow
Human 3 2 2 4 - 6 45 30 0.3 0.2 Normal
Elf 1 3 3 3 - 5 15 55 0.1 0.3 Fast
Orc Dark Elf Human Elf
orc Char Dark Elf Char Human Char Elf Char

Information to start this game.

The loading could take some time. After you've started the game you have 150seconds to choose a character. Click twice to choose your favourite hero (in the table on the top you can see his stats). Welcome in the startertown Gludin. Press "Esc" on your keyboard to activate the Gamemenu. Okay we start with "Deposit Item". After you killed the first monster(press "A" and click on them) they drop some items like "Animal Hide, Leather, Recipe: Mithril Thread, etc...". Now when you click on "Deposit Item" you can put all items from your inventory into the virtual inventory. With "Take Item" you can get your item back from the virtual inventory.
"Call Backpack": You get a Backpack with 6 slots. It disappers after some seconds. You have to recall it then.
"Organize Backpack": You can put a item from you Backpack into the virutal inventory.
"Upgrade Attribute": Increase your stats. You get every level 3 Attribute Points (Wood).
"Help": Some commands are appearing.
"Spell Adjustment": At Spell Level Adjustment you can increase your spell level. You need Skill Points for it. You get some after killing some strong monster or useing many spells. For level 2 you need 30 Skill Points and for level 3 you need 130 Skill Points. (The other stuff you can test on your own ;))

Talking to the NPC

Just press "A" and click on the NPC (you have to attack them). "Pandora" and "Baolsim" are shops you can buy/sell items at them. Other NPC's have quest for you (on the Navigation on Quest you can get some Information). To Accept a quest just attack the NPC 2 times and "Accept" then. After you have to kill a Quest Monster to get a Quest Item from the monster. Bringt it back to the NPC and you get your Quest Reward.

Save and Load

-save <<< write this ingame to save your hero and all items in his own inventory. You are only allowed to save your Hero 3 times. After it's not possibly to save. Now a code appers. Just take a Screenshot or write it down. Now with -load you can load your Hero.
Example: -load YLSFJ-5WQ9O-DRD31-CO2W2-0L0O4-X2V4Z
If you want to save Hero and your Backpack items then you can write -svbg. Now your code is littel longer. You have to write now -ldbg to load your hero.
Example: -ldbg YLSFJ-5WQ9O-DRD31-CO2W2-0L0O4-X2V4Z-DXDCP-XKCLS-XH46U-74G45-45

Learning Spells

There is a limit that you can only have 7 Spells with your Hero! At "Baolsim" you can buy Spell Books. Just put all your stuff on on the ground and press on the Spell Book. Now you learned a spell.

Creating Items (Recipes)

After you killed some Goblins around the Starter Town you have probably found a "Recipe: Mithril Thread". Click on it and a text is appearing. "Recipe: Mithril Thread, Mithril, Thread" <<< Now you have to get "Mithril" and "Thread" both of them are material. At "Pandora" you can buy "Thread" or just search at "Shelob" (or other spider). The "Mithril" you can find Zombies in the East of the City.
When you found both Materials you have to go to "Baolsim" and buy the "Spell Book: Create Magical Item" and learn it. Take the Recipe and all Materials in your inventory and click on "Create Magical Item". Congratulation you have created "Mithril Thread". All other Recipes works on the same thing.